LINES in the SAND 2011

Belinda Close Flags

So many volunteer hours went into making this festival a success. With 2011, we have together created a benchmark by which future LINES in the SAND events will be measured.

Some of the comments  received about the festival program include these: "That was deadly"; "I have never seen anything like it before in my life"; "That was a classic"; "It was so special"; "I missed it – and it sounded amazing!"; "That performance struck me to the core"; “Art! Art! Art! I found art!”; “That was the most incredible time of my life!” 

LINES in the SAND encourages engagement from the Redlands and in particular the Bay Island arts and cultural workers, and also from Aboriginal peoples and the young. The sharing of artistic inspiration and ideas was also made possible by visiting artists who share respect for the island community, its cultures and Country. The event has attracted a new audience to Stradbroke.

LINES in the SAND, 2011 took place at a time of change for the island. This event brought together island and visiting artists, the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community, residents and visitors alike – creating a space for new conversation and sharing of ideas.

The same year Lines in the Sand Co-Director assisted Salt Water Murris in securing project funding for their first screen printing project at the Dunwich Community Learning Centre. Like ocean waves on the shore lines, Salt Water Murris artist Belinda Close designed Lines in the Sand 2011 artwork which later became Festival flags.

Photographs by Josephine Ellis.