Carol Schwarzman

Lately I’ve been very caught up in being in Nature on my daily walks with my dog at a neighborhood park. I’m interested in how the park functions as a borderline region, or a metaphor connecting/separating the surrounding suburban homes and shops and the wild. It’s an edge that functions as a dream, or a reverie. I would say it is the dream of being safe and yet also a bit free and wild, simultaneously.

Human beings all live and aspire within such dreams. This is how consciousness functions: in this way we are all of us poets and storytellers.

I work with various media and materials, preferring to leave myself open to possibilities as they present themselves. I’ve exhibited in the US since 1988 and in Australia since moving here from New York City in 2005. I also write about art and culture for US and Australian art magazines, and will be working as Writer-in-Residence for 2014 LINES.